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Update time.

So I more-or-less got this working. I updated to BIOS version F23 and got the latest RAID drivers direct from AMD's website.

Having set both SATA and NVMe modes to RAID, then installing Windows using the AMD RAID drivers on a USB stick and having it freeze at the first restart I then set the NVMe mode back to Default, set the boot option to UEFI (it had default to Legacy when switching to RAID mode) and booted the system back up and finished the OS install. Now I can see the RAID controlled drives and everything works.

Almost. For some reason my system now won't power-off automatically. Windows will shut down but the system will stay powered on until I manually cycle the power.

I think my journey with FakeRAID (as I have discovered it is widely referred as) is at an end. I'll likely just use Windows and Linux software RAID for the cache arrays and continue using the other drives as I have been; as normal AHCI controlled partitioned drives. Still it's all been good fun.
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