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There isn't really a "Burden" on the GPU by having a bottleneck. The CPU essentially processes the frames and then passes it to the GPU for compositing. If the CPU is limited by how many frames it can process then the GPU will essentially wait, thus decreasing performance because it isn't running optimally or at it's full potential.

Indeed I can guarantee you'll see an FPS increase if you upgrade to something like the 4770k.
Also, as far as anti-aliasing is concerned, that's more dependent on your video memory and since your 7950 has 3GB I wouldn't suspect that it's having a noticeable impact by using it. It's your CPU that's limiting if anything...

As an example, look at your screenshots, in all of them the graphics card isn't running at 99%-%100 GPU usage, this is a tail-tail sign that you have a bottleneck.
On the plus side, you have some tasty power that you've yet to unleash!
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