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Corsair RM750i cannot handle a 2080ti

Hi Peeps & Corsair,

Just thought I'd make a post letting you know that the RM750i cannot handle a 2080ti with a slight overclock in my system. Short benchmarks are fine but after 10 to 15 minutes or so of GPU intensive games my system just reboots. I put back in my old and trustworthy AX760i and I get no issues at all in the same games and also temps seem to be close to 20c lower on the GPU (low 60s instead of Low 80s).

I RMA'd the RM750i also and received a brand new one, PC still reboots after about 10-15 mintues gaming.

Setup is Maximus X Hero, 9900k @5ghz, 65gb 3000mhz Corsair LED, H115i, 2080ti Aorus Extreme with +100 core and +1000 memory.

If you have any comments or feel that both PSU's could have been defective please feel free to let me know.

Cheers, FTLN
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