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Originally Posted by Zoot View Post
Think of it this way -

They offer a 3 year warranty on these cards. That means they have to guarantee the worst case scenario for 3 years otherwise they can't be confident that they won't be inviting a slew of RMAs. That would mean 100% usage at the max allowed temperature for 3 years 24/7/365.

Most concerns with temperatures (at least at stock) are misplaced, usually the manufacturer has done all the hard work before they release it.
Just think of it this way. A lot of people are still using their reference RX 290X graphics cards. They ran both hot and loud and stayed at 90 degrees constantly.

AMD's new designs have more temp sensors. IE, the older cards may have ran hotter than they claimed depending on which part of the GPU was worked hardest.

I agree with GN when they say that AMD could have done better with their cooler, that's obvious. That said, Steve overblows the issue here completely. The reference cards are fine, AMD knows what they are doing when they make the specs and they say that these cards run in spec. This should only be considered an issue if there are widespread RMAs.

AMD could have gotten these cards to run cooler with faster fan RPMs, but if I am honest I'd rather allow the card to run hotter (if the heat is within spec) and have the card run quieter. The reference RX 5700 series is a lot quieter than the Vega cards they replace.

TBH, the popular thing to do in reviews these days is to go crazy with your complaints. Make yourself seem like the voice of the people by sticking it to the manufacturers by making mountains out of molehills.
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