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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
While you don't need an SSD for all games, it does help in specific ones. It also helps with installing speeds too as games get bigger they take longer to install, waiting an hour for your HDD to install a game is annoying vs a few minutes with a SSD
Yes that is true NBD however don't forget that most games people buy today are digital rather then physical. So that as a factor is only relevant on a physical game purchase

Of course it really depends on how many items you are installing and what you are storing on the "storage" drive(s). Me? I've got a few games that I saw no difference in loading speed on the HDDs and a lot of pictures / movies / gopro recordings / etc on the HDD as well as every program I can install on it - if the SSD has to get reformatted or windows reinstalled I don't have to install any of the programs again.

That is something I can't recommend enough for people to do. Don't store programs on the OS SSD. Store them on a second SSD or HDD and that way if you reinstall your OS you don't lose any of those programs and have to reinstall them as well. All you have to do is change the file path for where pictures / videos / music / documents is stored (on the storage SSD / HDD) and boom done :P. Steam and such programs will also need to know the location again but its 10 minutes of work total vs reinstalling every program (like ms office / adobe / steam / origin / etc etc) again.
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