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Make any game that adds this mechanic 18+ would be a good start seeing as most scientific studies show it has the exact same chemical reaction on the brain as other forms of gambling.
The U.K could quite easily resolve this by classing it as gambling as the laws here are very strict and very, very harsh on those the break the rules. It would change the income from these to a different tax bracket, another deterrent. Licencing would also be involved and each game that adds this mechanic would need a licence, every "new loot box" would need their licence amending or a new one, this costs money and is a very slow process. Every time a child is exposed to it there would be huge fines and criminal prosecutions, at the end of the day it is the children we need to protect from this just like any other form of gambling.

If we can't force these companies to stop adding these we should make it so they end up paying so much to add this mechanic they don't want to.

Just a note on this one also, If its not gambling then why is the word "odds" being used. This word by definition is only linked to risk or gambling and there is no other way to describe how you get what you get. If there is a risk or "luck" or odds or chance and the original stake is money its gambling. using a loop hole of "no they gamble keys which have no real world value not money" is BS as these keys serve no other purpose. You can't win the lottery with cash only tickets that you buy. Exact same thing.

Sorry this subject is my pet peev. I think that these companies should be free to add this type of income to their games but they should be deterred from doing so by the "risk" and cost of doing so the same way book makers do. Rant over
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