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Originally Posted by looz View Post
If switching the OS is feasible, hell yeah. It's still plenty for browsing the web and that's pretty much all I do with a laptop. Gaming laptops are a bad time in my experience.
Having owned a few gaming laptops before my experience with them has been positive...yet there is a but!

Butttttt - unless you absolutely need the portability a gaming laptop offers a standard gaming desktop will always be better, plus its actually expandable and upgrade-able. Most gaming laptops will let you maybe add RAM and an extra storage device inside (maybe, becoming rarer).

A standard older dell laptop I bought on Ebay for $90 bucks and a $40 SSD (256gb sandisk) and boom I have all I need for browsing the internet and looking up guides/miscellanous while using my Xbox X in the main room; plus the laptop is one the same one we are using for some people at work and I had it with an SSD so I knew exactly how it'd perform with an SSD and 8gb of ram already...so that was a bonus for me. Gaming rig is in another room so had to compromise since my phone just wasn't cutting it most of the time.

I do like this laptop honestly. I'm not that big of a fan of using an SD card as storage...but hey take what you can, its better then 32gb EMMC storage imo.
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