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raytracing.... it just works.

yeah well the physics behind raytracing work when you have an engine that is actually written with raytracing in mind.
when you add raytracing to a traditional engine it obviously does not just work.

when i switch on global illumination in a rendering program it works.
when i use raytracing to simulate all kind of effects in a 3d rendering program it just works.

but in a game engine it is not that simple.

and DLSS was imho something nvidia added because they needed the special hardware on the RTX card to look like it had more benefits for gamers. with basically only 3-4 titles who make partial use of the RTX features.

if i would have bought an overpriced nvidia RTX GPU for gaming i would be so P***ed.

when raytracing cards are worth buying the current RTX cards are outdated and probably too slow anyway.
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