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Originally Posted by Ov3erclock3R View Post
Wow thanks for the reply guys :-)

I tonight have been playing around a little, I have ended up with an OC of 3.88ghz at 1.2v which is the limit for my bord, I've left the memory for another time.

The games I play are Arma 3 (ultra settings) fifa 19(ultra settings) PUBG (ultra settings). I have also downloaded the likes of Mafia 3 and project cars 2 demos all at ultra and WOW! it's just so clear and so smooth, now I'm for sure will be playing lots more as I'm actually enjoying playing games again I'm so happy with everything and I'm glad I spent the money, I guess ima stick with what I got for now as I'm only a casual gamer

I always thought that it was better to have higher ghz than more cpu cores, I thought more would hinder things but I guess now games are now more optimised for higher core count cpu's, been out of the loop for a few years.

Thanks and thanks again people for your advise.

Common misconception. Many think that hz are everything and push their CPU to 5ghz when on the 4core cpu there was no gain after 4.4ghz for games. Not even in CPU intensive MMO like Rift, WOW or GW2. Arma3 and PUBG are pretty damn intensive on the CPU. And for gaming, I see no benefit what so ever in OCing your memory. If you are using it as a workstation, then memory tweaks may be worth it.
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