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Regarding the contents of that article, TSMC isn't as far ahead as people believe. There 7nm is still behind Intels 10nm, they only surpassed Intel with their 7nm+ node.

The best way to measure node advantages across these companies is transistor/mm^2. Still the most effective way to have the best performance is to have the best architecture. All the leading nodes are to close for them to be outright better in every metric. You need smarter architecture to be the best. That's why Nvidia still dominates AMD even though technically it's a 8nm vs 7nm battle. There density is similar so the better architecture wins.

So I call BS on that rumour. Nvidia will work with whoever can provide them enough supply and best price. AMD are contractually obligated to use TSMC and it's not like Intel would open up for them. Leaving them little choice
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