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Originally Posted by jbonnett View Post
No I think you missed my point with setting the price, I mean setting the margin, not the dead price. Apple sets a margin on the products that they sell. It's not price fixing but creating a better market by not allowing retailers from setting sky high prices at demand by stock piling. Apple started doing that with the iPhones because that is where it started with the retailers for them. Why do you think that you pretty much see the same prices for Apple products everywhere!?
Apple can do that because they are the only supplier of their product. If retailers took the mick, they would never deal with them again. They also sell from their website at the correct price. Apple's too big for any phone providers to mess with that. They will take their margin and be happy.

With GPUs Nvidia controls the cost of their Founders Edition models. They only deal with those who will sell them at MSRP. If any retailer sold for higher, that retailer would have a storm heading their way.

For the control that you want to see, all of the Nvidia and AMD partners would need to enact the same system. Even then, their MSRPs will vary, as AIBs set the MSRPs of their own cards, not AMD or Nvidia.

The MSRPs that you get from AMD and Nvidia are nonsense anyway, as any add-on that's worth anything on the AIB cards will bump the price up. What AMD and Nvidia promise are the "minimum price", and those prices often come with thin margins for retailers and AIBs.

I can go on and on, but there is no easy fix solution to this. What you are proposing is fundamental shifts in how a lot of the components retail/supply chain operate. Even then, that does nothing to counter the impact of a shortage. eBay/Facebook marketplace scalpers will still exist.
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