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Question Are Nvidia and AMD price fixing again?

Hi All,
Before you dismiss the tittle please have a little read into what I am about to say and please note that I actually got the card that I want (3080 Ti).

We all know that Nvidia and AMD have price fixed in the past plus we all know there is a chip shortage. That being said, car sales haven't been impacted as much as we are lead to believe (I have a friend that works in car sales).

Yet you see there is loads of demand for GPUs on either side, CPU stock has bounced back, I imagine this is due to Intel always having stock forcing AMD to gain stock quickly.
GPUs on the other hand there is a little trend that I have noticed, when it is close to a new GPU release the previous ones are being sold with loads of stock.

My REAL WORLD EXAMPLE here is the release of the 3070 Ti tomorrow and yet I see loads of site suddenly having stock of 3060s at an inflated price, see images:

This can't be a coincidence due to it happening every time. Plus this is the time the cards lose some of there value.

It's just giving me 2018 RAM price fixing vibes.

Please tell me I am wrong!

Thanks for indulging me on my take!
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