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Originally Posted by DavidFrederickWatson View Post
fantastic , i still held out a little hope that the very lucky and fortunate winner had not yet been contacted , this is an exquisite and phenomenal giveaway prize in every respect and in every aspect and is befitting of TTL/OC3D to do such a fabulous giveaway so soon after the last one , win or lose thanks for the genuine chance to win such an amazing prize and possibly experience what its like to use and game on something other than a budget or second hand pc , thanks to all involved that made this tremendous competition possible , its one of the very best ive ever seen and the best pc giveaway ive ever seen !
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Honestly, I'm surprised Tom even held out this long... I was personally a bit bored and annoyed, of your many, excessive, long posts which doesn't have the best grammar either to be honest.
Especially considering you're a new member here and "only" have 38 posts.

I've had a crappy PC for the majority of my time interested in PCs, but I've personally never entered a PC competition - ever. Yeah sure, I may have a reputation here for being a pain in the backside when it comes to questions, but that's just who I am and just simply looking for answers/tips/recommendations/help, from a community with decades of experience between the members on here. I've worked hard and then gotten my own PC now, which is top of the line and that I'm damn proud of!

People may come across as "rude" here, but one thing that this place has taught me, which I'm also quite grateful for, as it has helped me in real life, is that truth hurts and you just have to suck it up really, and quit being a small one. Be a man instead and grow up.
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