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Why the EVGA card? It's a good card, don't get me wrong, but the MSI card is pretty much just as fast for €40,- less. It also suits the colour scheme better.

Corsair Domintor RAM is still kind of overpriced? Even having only 8 GB it's still kind of expensive.

The Switch 810 is a cool case and it does offer a lot of features, but tbh... Those are features that you don't need. Your regular size ATX board is just going to look funny in that massive case and you're spending €90,- more than you have to. Your call though.

Don't buy Sickleflow fans, they are just terrible. They're loud and don't shift a lot of air. Bitfenix Spectre Pros with red LEDs would be a good replacement (if that store has them) allthough they're a bit more expensive.

You might not *need* an SSD, but trust me, once you've had one you'll never want to go back. It's probably the biggest performance upgrade that you can give a PC when it comes down to daily usage and loading things.

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