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Originally Posted by AngryGoldfish View Post
Yeah, I thought that was the case. That's why it always confuses me when people complain to the developers as if they're purposefully allowing hackers and trolls to ruin their game. The game publishers and developers don't earn more money when someone uses a wall hack or an aimbot. Rockstar in fact lose money in GTA Online because hackers generate free money for anyone in the lobby, and the only reason Rockstar have supported GTA Online for so long is because of the money they've earned through Shark Cards.
I wish that were the case, but there are Discord servers setup where people can go to after being banned in games for cheating and have the ban removed.

PUBG has multiple servers with multiple "Support Staff" taking a payment to remove bans.

It has been claimed that some developers are also "White Listing" some "Top Streamers" and "Pro" players so that they can continue to play whilst cheating to attract new players.

Personally I have not seen any proof of this other than at a PUBG tournament where a "Pro" player tried to install a cheat and got caught, but instead of being banned from the game etc all that happened was he was banned from Tournaments.

The beauty of PC is it's a fairly open platform, however that is also it's biggest downfall when it comes to gaming.

Whilst cheats do exist for Consoles, they are few and far between and I would happily switch to console to avoid cheaters but the problem is in Destiny 2 and PUBG you cannot use a K&M without an adaptor, which doesn't always work properly.

Then there is Elite Dangerous where I cannot use my Hotas because Frontier refuse to allow any Hotas to work, other than the one they have in my oppinion had a kickback to allow work which is the Thrustmaster one.

One of the only ways that Cheating is going to be reduced on PC is to lock windows down when you launch a game and have it force everything that is not required or cleared to close, but then PC gamers will complain.
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