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NVME Dreams

For the man on the street like me it's all about a 'cheaper' or better said more price effective and producing products. I also do not care about boot, load or read times and the likes and 25-seconds here or there does not matter to me. But like the many hundred of thousands of 'underemployed' out there with extremely shallow pockets $$$-reality always bites.

I love the use of NVMe's it will make my PC interior feel much larger and I can better mash my utter cable-mess more into the case corners for better airflow. Especially with my untalented thick fingers and loathing the idea of any cable management and RGB circus lighting. But I think that NVMe storage will soon result in all PC's running 100% SSD. Some Z590 mobos are already coming with 4-NVMe slots. So adios muchachos and all mechanical HDD's.

Perhaps when I get a better and more meaningful paying 'full-time job' I can stretch for the big storage NVMe dreams as touted here. Of course for today and right now I am counting on my $1,400 stimulus check (gift) from President Biden and Carmella to tie me over. This stimulus handout cannot come soon enough like the lucky few here apparently waiting with cash on hand for the RTX 3080ti to tie them over.
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