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Asus z590 xiii hero

With the new Z590 XIII HERO shortly hitting retail shelves, many are simply appalled by $500 price-tag. Thus most who are now thinking to upgrade from several generations ago, are looking at the Z490 XII HERO boards to perhaps getting a better $$$ deal. Money these days (WFH) remains a hard swallow. From what I have been hearing, is that the Z490 boards generally all have been plagued with still unresolved Ethernet-Adapter and LAN issues. Example: A new mobo upon install cannot LAN connect, no matter what BIOS updating, cable replacement, driver updating, etc and hours of workarounds are done. Some say it's a Intel 225-V networking chip issue? RMA's abound.

Mobo manufacturer updates suggested that they fixed this problem with a newer Z490 board revision and where shipping these to retail shelves? Googling today however "Z490 Ethernet or LAN problems" show that the issue still persists and as experienced by AMAZON verified buyers and about 100 plus Z490 board purchasers I could quickly find on the Net. So how can one find a Z490 Gigabyte Master or ASUS VII HERO board today that will work 95% or 100% out of the box? And without me having to essentially (RMA) or building my new PC twice just because I want to save a few bucks. Does someone here has a better answer? Thoughts?
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