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Originally Posted by Gothmoth View Post
well i am no shipping expert i am an engineer.
but all i read is that demand for shipping has declining in 2020.

if that is the case there should be plenty of container space to ship GPU´s?
or what im getting wrong here?

again... if you say that shipping problems affects MAKING these cards, the production... ok.
but that the finished product can not reach america/europe .. i don´t get it.
Many shipments can be forced into a quarantine period. Now given the lack of space, you couldnt ship every container globally to the UK and they have space for them all. This sets a backlog. Meaning a large amount of containers waiting to be shipped in the home country, or warehouses flooded with products they cannot ship yet. That and also many other reasons that we don't think of.

the Music store I purchase from is still waiting for a shipment they state is stuck in china. Its packed in a container but has not left the country in 3months. Throw this in with the quarantine period, AND the fact that rosewood is on the endangered species list, I wont see my new guitar for a while.
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