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Originally Posted by Gothmoth View Post
if it is shipping issues there should be a ton of cards on containerships and in warehouses?

but i doubt that shipping issues are really the problem.

i have bought stuff on ebay the last months that ships from china and it arrived in time.
It's the shipping. Covid has taken its toll, and shipping is the biggest issue. You can't compare several containers to something you bought on Ebay that goes into a postman's sack, then probably on a plane, then your postman brings it to you. The whole logistics of shipping right now is a nightmare.

This is why I bought my computer as soon as I knew this stuff was happening (March). As it stands? I couldn't buy it again for the same price some 10 months later.

Because of all of the hoops shipping companies are now having to jump through and less shipments going the price has gone up. And that is without even going back to supply, which again will suffer when something like this is going on.

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