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SOS to Tom. Gigabyte.

Hi Tom. I know you have a contact @ Gigabyte. I wouldn't ask, but I am desperate for help.

I bought a 2080Ti Aorus Xtreme with a water block attached. It came with the original cooler, but because the pads Gigabyte use are the paraffin wax variety they fell apart and the guy threw them in the bin. I refer to this pic, as this is what it would have looked like.

Obviously I can not measure what I do not have, so I tried 1mm pads on the memory and VRM and 1.5 on the taller components that seemed to have a larger gap when the card was assembled (I did a dry run). The card booted up fine and idled at 45c. All good so far. Then I ran Unigene Superposition and the fans immediately went to 100% and the core hit 85c and the memory 96. I am sure that the pads I used were probably too thick, but I have heard that a GPU can have several pad thicknesses. Given these pads are £12 a sheet for each thickness this could turn into a very expensive crap shoot. I spent ages Googling around, and all I managed to come up with was this.

Which is kinda pathetic. That said, to my surprise it seems Asus were also playing the same game, by claiming theirs were "confidential".


I really don't want to be stuck with a very expensive doorstop, so could you please talk to someone at Gigabyte that has some common sense and ask them to tell me what pads to use?

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