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Originally Posted by AngryGoldfish View Post
How is it that miners aren't the problem? If consumers had better control of themselves and weren't paying $1200 for a 6700XT, they'd be paying $500 because scalpers wouldn't exist if there were no profits to be made. But how would you or I paying $500 for a GPU instead of $1200 increase the supply / reduce the demand? There are less gamers buying GPUs right now than ever before because they can't. If they were reasonably priced (ie not scalped / botted), how would that increase supply / reduce demand? It would do the opposite. Sorry if I'm being ignorant. It just seems that miners are very much part of the problem because they are taking a large portion of the supply and so there is a demand that cannot be met and scalpers / bots have found ways to manipulate the system to earn money from people without self control.
You kinda just made the point yourself.
If people would stop paying these increased prices, scalpers wouldn't be able to sell, they'd be forced after a while to sell for MSRP. Miners aren't scalpers. They use bots. Scalpers also use bots. To be able to blame solely miners for the issues or as the biggest issue isn't the right call. It's just the average consumer wanting nothing but to spend money just because they can and are willing to spend far more than they should.

The demand is far to high and the supply is low. The supply is being controlled by scalpers selling for a quick profit and continues because people keep paying it. Miners especially past few months haven't made much money. Prices keep falling they earn less per watt. Especially seeing as Ethereum already announced a while back moving away from that, gives little reason for them to keep buying knowing they won't be able to churn a profit anymore.
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