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Questions regarding MSI's RMA claims.

I had sent my Gaming X 1080 TI in for RMA as it has been a constant defective problem card. I RMAed the first card and it was replaced with a completely different Gaming X 1080 TI, to which I had to RMA that card twice due to fan control issues and finally due to the temperatures thermal throttling even with fans at max. I sent it in and now MSI offered to give me a flat 400$ for the card. This feels like a massive spit in my face considering it has been a problem card ever since I got it new. After all I need a card and even getting a second hand 1080 ti on Ebay of the same make would be more than 400$. I had heard some members of the board were given model year newer replacements via RMA before and I wanted to know if I am stuck with the partial refund they gave me or if I can pursue a card replacement from them? It's beginning to make me lose more faith in MSI than what I already had considering they allowed for scalping of their 3080s.
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