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Originally Posted by looz View Post
On that note, is there any evidence that mining is actually harmful?

To me it doesn't sound too logical, since if anything, they'll be running at a stable temperature, avoiding any wear from thermal expansion and contraction.

And of course miners have the incentive to not let them thermal throttle either.
It is harmful, trust me. It's not just that the card is running 100% all of the time it's also moisture in the air. I have seen ex mining cards and they make nothing. Seen 290s sell for £40 because they squealed and the solder joints had turned white from going dry. All that heat cooks the flux and makes it dry out and harden etc. The black PCB had gone white too.

So yeah, it buggers hardware. Well, not so much the hardware but the components. When Nvidia and AMD design VRMs they do not design them to run at 100% all of the time. Even when gaming your GPU gets a few breaks from cut scenes/loading etc.

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