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I didn't offer any opinion there, my opinion is that I'd never spend over £200 on a GPU if it was purely for gaming(I just don't play that much or particularly intensive stuff).

The fact, however, is that NVidia's $500 GPU is the same degree faster than their $200 GPU in 2019 as it was in 2012, and that you couldn't get any better than their $500 GPU for one card back then. How they price their expensive cards comes down to what their target market are willing to pay for them, and while I can't at all relate to those who would drop over £1k on a GPU, the fact that people do it means it's viable for NVidia to do, and the fact NVidia still offers the same value proposition as they always have in the traditional parts of the stack means they're not screwing anyone now any more than they were many years ago unless someone actively chooses it.
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