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Originally Posted by Bagpuss View Post

The chances of the average home user EVER being affected by any of these 'vulnerabilities' is between zero & never.

You'd better to worry about being struck by lightning every time you left your house.

I know this, i know it is a very very small chance to get hit, but you cannot deny that this sort of thing is bad, and what is worse about it, Intel keeps delivering "new" processors still on the same node, still without mitigations and this security nonsense has been going on for a while, yet they still sit on their 14nm security fail processors.

These mitigation patches cost performance, not everyone will know how to disable them, but for those that do notice performance drops after an update and not know anything about it, made their pc less good, and yet Intel still keeps selling their cpu's like it's nothing, that is why im glad that i moved over so i don't have to deal with Intel's nonsense myself.
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