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Originally Posted by stealth80 View Post
Shame you didn't run those gaming benches with faster ram. The main selling point of Agesa 1006 is access to faster than 3200mhz ram speeds and as we all know - that has a massive effect on the latency across the infinity fabric, especially in gaming.

Any chance of running those 3 games @ 1080P again with maybe 3400, 3600 and 4000mhz ram? Of course that is if the board/CPU are actually able to run the ram at those speeds.
This is something that we are looking into. Sadly right now we do not have faster DDR4 to test with, but we are working on acquiring some.

To put it simply this testing is to see if there are any performance benefits from this new update without any hardware changes. From here we will be looking deeper into this new BIOS options and conduct further testing to see where we can gain additional performance.

This testing will act as a platform from which more in-depth testing can be done, hopefully allowing everyone to learn a little more about Ryzen in the process.
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