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Originally Posted by AngryGoldfish View Post
I wonder what AMD will do in retort to this. They'll fall behind (at least on paper) if they don't make a price cut (again, on paper).
TBH, one of the big upgrades to these RTX 30 Ti GPUs appears to be memory bandwidth. I see that as a clear sign that AMD is onto a good thing with their Infinity Cache. Why else would Nvidia see the need to upgrade bandwidth like this?

AMD just needs to launch GPUs with reasonable prices and get good integrations for their technologies into a few more games for that added mindshare.

Sadly, RT perf will not get better without a new/upgraded architecture from AMD. That said, optimisations for RT on consoles will be good for AMD, or at a minimum make them look less bad.

If AMD can keep up their momentum, they will have some excellent hardware in a few years. Nvidia's focus with Ampere was not purely on PC, and that lack of gaming focus gives AMD an opportunity to surpass them. Even so, AMD has a long way to go, and NV are not sitting on their hands archtecture-wise.

Interesting times are ahead for the GPU market.
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