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There will be a larger flow into the market as they aren't going to cut down on the production of other sku's just to make different ones, they speed bin all the chips made, so more sku's means more gpu's in my view.

Edit: AMD are doing well from my view, their version of dlss might actually be far better than people are expecting, but they do have big plans with rdna they will not slow down so nvidia will need to keep up cause as for amd being behind i don't agree they are more or less on par atm.

DXR wise amd might be behind, but my 6800XT has no issues playing any DXR game, the gap is smaller than i think most realise tbh fps numbers are not everything if a game is perfectly playable.

add to that that rdna3 onwards are going to most likely be as big as 100% more each gen coming then the tables may well turn if nvidia don't do more than they are currently.

There really arent that many DXR games I have most all of them so 99% of games on PC amd do very well in, nvidia are ahead in that fps number but that is all, but amd will do better going forward cause there will be many games coming that are focused from the consoles easy to port for amd drivers.

I'll be a little sad thou if i need to upgrade again in a few years, but going by the little i've heard that might well be the case but i at least hope to hold on till rdna4
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