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A little update, took out the 9900k & Maximus X Hero and popped in the X299 Meg Creation with the 7980XE, The 90 degree fittings did the trick for due to the tight spacing between inlet/outlet on the velocity. For power the Akasa PCIE to 12v EPS worked perfectly. Only issue I have now that I have is that I think I may have nuged the IHS a bit, I have two really hot cores and have had to pull the overclock back to 4.2ghz, meeting up with a mate next weekend to redelid the cpu and apply a fresh coat of liquid metal.

On a side note, I have 128gb 2666mhz (no xmp) of Micron E-Die, got it for 100euros and it does [email protected] 1.35v without any hiccups, really happy about that (even if it does look a bit ugly).

Goodbye Maximus X hero & 9900k :

Intel Core i9 7980xe @ 4.5GHz @1.18v - MSI MEG X299 - NoName 2666mhz @ CL19 3200mhz - Thermal Take View Glass - PM961 1TB x2 - Aorous Extreme RTX 2080 Ti - 2 x 360 Rad + D5 Pump - Asus ROG Swift PG279Q 2560x1440P G-Sync 165Hz
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