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Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
Or hate the idea of the PC toxic community revolting and crying when the port to PC is not as good as they wanted.

We really have become entitled spoiled brats these days, demanding all exclusives be available to us, and moaning when we dont have perfect 4K details, running at maximum FPS.

I dont blame them for avoiding PC. The complications of the countless permutations of PC hardware must give all Devs headaches. And when you try to outsource the port *cough cough* Iron Galaxy a la Batman AK things turn terrible.

That said, Sony did a great job purchasing Nixxes who specialises in game ports.

Sadly true, I've only got Facebook for keeping in touch with 2 people and maybe reading posts from hardware companies, Game companies etc... and Twitter for entering competitions, I do not post or comment on anything but the amount of crap and utter BS a lot of the PC community come out with is over the top, You read some comments from people and they are enough to make you cringe.
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