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Thread: New 1155 Rig
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Old 22-06-12, 01:40 PM
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Hi everyone,

This has morphed from a thread I started in the motherboards and CPU section. I have decided to put it here instead and change the question I am asking.

I am looking to build a new rig for under £650. I am currently looking around the Intel i5 series. The rig will be used for light gaming, as well as more mundane, not so fun things, so I don't need the best of the best graphics card. Also, preferably with 2TB of storage.

I have a monitor, keyboard and mouse. As I need to buy a copy of Windows 7, I am looking for an 1155 rig for about £575. What suggestions do people have?

One last point, I don't plan on overclocking and would like this rig to last for the next 5+ years with little change.


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