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Ok, I officially hate Orange!

The one thing I have leant from this experience with Orange Broadband is never go with a cheap ISP!!! Heres whats happened so far...

2nd of July - Ordered Broadband from Orange, my Mobile contact was reset that day, and I was told what I would recieve my equipment and my line would be activated in 7-10 working days. This all sounded good so off I went sorting out other stuff while Orange did their thang.

15th of July - I rang them up to see where my equipment had got to. The response I got was 'We had system problems 2 weeks ago and your order has not been processed'. 'You have to be joking' I said. So I had to put in another order. So 13 days wasted, but I was told that it would all sorted by the 27th of July. I was not happy

27th of July - I recieved my equipment and rushed to set it all up. I was happy at this point, 25 days and I would finally have internet. No more walks to uni just to check emails. I set up everything, following Orange's intructions to make sure i didnt do anything wrong and what did i get?

'Invalid ADSL Authentication'. OMG/ring Orange, 'whats going on' I said; 'errrrr BT had some problems, thats why it hasnt been done' replied Orange. 'Well this is getting ridiculous, ive waited 25 days for internet!'. So i was told that it would be sorted by the 1st of August. I asked them how long it would take Orange to get their marker off my line if I cancelled, 10 DAYS!!!! You what! *Sigh* ill wait another 5 days then.

1st of August - Well guess what, I did not get the internet. The flashing light on the Orange Livebox is really starting to me off. Its just sitting there insulting me. I imagine it saying "You will never have the internet ha ha ha!!! Im going to flash here all day until you scream". Another phone call to Orange (Im glad these are free or i would be sending my phone bill back to them), 'Sooooo, internet?' I inquired. 'The BT problems have been fixed and the date for activation is now the 3rd of August' said Orange. I asked for some kind of compensation, all they could offer was my 1st month free. WOW £5 saving, winner. I couldn't be bothered to shout anymore. Screw it ill wait till the 3rd, its only 2 days away.

2nd of August - I recieve a phone call from Orange, YES DO I FINALLY HAVE INTERNET??? I get excited and quickly boot my PC up. He runs me through setting up my Orange Livebox. Wait ive already done this; oo well ill humor him. We get to the stage where we validate my username and password....... the status changes to 'PPP in progress...' and just like that BAM my dreams are dashed, and 'Invalid ADSL Authentication'. Grrrrrrrr 'Let me look at your notes' says Mr. Orange, 'Ah your line hasnt been activated yet, try this again tomorrow'. So you took me through all this just to tease me without checking if i bloody had the internet first!!! You stupid ****, i thought. One more day, thats what I kept telling myself the rest of the day.

3rd - August - Well the day has arrived and tbh, I do not hold much hope. Here we are over a month later. My last ISP IDNet got me up and running in 4 working days, in contrast Orange have taken over a month to do not much it seems. I hope I will be online later @ home to tell you all how this story has ended, if I am not I will post on Monday telling you that I cancelled my Orange Broadband and I am waiting for them to get their marker off my dam line (which will proberley take them another month to do).

Hope to see you all later.
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