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BonkersMental 18-03-17 09:46 PM

Video capturing Software
Hey Guys. can anyone recommend a good FREE Video capturing suite. im using windows 10 and want to be able to record some of my Project Cars Fullscreen gameplay. Ideally in 1080p but 720p would be ok. Ive googled this question and have found a few but would Value this Forums opinions. :)

WYP 18-03-17 10:44 PM

Well the easiest options would be Radeon ReLive or Geforce Experience depending on your GPU.

BonkersMental 18-03-17 11:59 PM

ive a GTX 1070. tried using Geforce Experience but i cant find the option in my windows 10 settings to turn on desktop capturing. This is required otherwise Geforce experience fails to record anything, desktop or fullscreen. I might try Open Broadcaster Software. OBS. it free and apparently good by all accounts.

Excalabur50 19-03-17 12:01 AM

I think Jackfrags uses obs and he liked the fact it didn't impact performance

BonkersMental 19-03-17 12:04 AM

Thats encouraging Excalabur50. thanks..downloading OBS now. :)

NickOmega 19-03-17 02:16 AM

Another vote for OBS here. I used it to capture and Twitch stream PS4 gameplay (hate the native streaming app on console) and it never let me down.

Excalabur50 19-03-17 02:20 AM

Here's the video he did on it


BonkersMental 19-03-17 08:56 AM

Thanks Ecalabur50, very useful Video. :) . ive duplicated his settings and i am very Impressed with the quality and framerate of my test recording. many thanks again :)

Excalabur50 19-03-17 09:10 AM

Glad to have helped

BonkersMental 19-03-17 09:40 AM

One last question, :) , is there a way i can upload my gameplay vids to this Forum ?. ive rescaled the vid to 696 x 392 and got it down to 451MB mp4. Im a complete noob when it comes to capturing etc but im guessing the file size is still too big.....
Juat had a rare moment of clarity, lol, ill just upload to my YouTube channel and then post the link. sorted.. :)

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