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tinytomlogan 08-10-10 08:04 AM

Interested in some of the fastest Socket AM3 memory that money can buy? Read on...

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AndrewJohnRegan 08-10-10 01:58 PM

The problem with the RAM not going to up to 2000Mhz might be that your motherboard is not specified as being compatible with the RAM. Only selected boards have been comfirmed of being able to run these fellas at 'full':




*The Asus Crosshair Formula is also compatible, though it does not say so on the compatible motherboards list.

Sorry btw if im just stating the obvious to you though matey. I'm probably just being a .

SnW 08-10-10 02:59 PM

You might want to read it again Andrew http://forum.overclock3d.net/images/...icons/wink.gif

AndrewJohnRegan 08-10-10 03:08 PM

What have I said wrong then haa, knew i'd mess up somewhere. http://forum.overclock3d.net/images/...cons/smile.gif

silenthill 09-10-10 03:23 PM

Iíd really like a picture of the ram installed with fan on the M/B so we can compare them to the Corsair but I guess thatís too much to ask these days http://forum.overclock3d.net/images/...ticons/sad.gif

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