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WYP 11-09-19 11:40 AM

AMD's new 1003ABBA AGESA code aims to address Ryzen boost clock woes
Expect new BIOS revisions soon.


Read more about AMD's Ryzen Boost Clock update and monitoring SDK.

23RO_UK 12-09-19 08:46 PM

So, I reflashed my Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master to the newly released F7a Update AGESA ABBA this morning; the following data was taken from a period of approximately seven and a half hours usage (both work and play) using HWiNFO64 v6.10-3880.

My 3900X now runs accordingly -

4,625MHz - Top core hits 4,625MHz
4,575MHz - Top 2 cores average 4,600MHz
4,475MHz - Top 6 cores average 4,542MHz
4,325MHz - Package average (all 12 cores) 4,454MHz

Yeah, I’d say I was happy with that.

Emu 12-09-19 10:16 PM

Lucky you, my 3900x doesn't appear to want to boost past 4.55GHz on the ABBA firmware as released by MSI. I know my CPU has 3 cores that will boost up to 4.65GHz as they were doing so with the launch BIOS. At least my CPU is actually idling a bit better now though (1.031V @ 3600MHz with a light load).

Excalabur50 12-09-19 10:43 PM

"Thankyou for the update for this chip I'm using" as it's an ABBA BIOS........................Sorry couldn't help myself :P

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