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SPS 13-07-20 11:49 AM

I'm not sure. I've had a few issues with this game and certain tracks/car combos. Cadwell Park equally feels wrong in quite a few cars. I prefer AC over pcars I think. However, I did adjust the fov and this track felt better.

Warchild 13-07-20 12:23 PM

There are many combinations that fail to impress. This one is one, and even the last race we did.

If these bad combos keep popping up ill lose interest. Nice big lap with some saloon/super car (not hyper) would be nice.

tgrech 13-07-20 01:00 PM


Nice big lap
Silverstone? ;)

I get what you mean though, I do like the challenge of these short laps in unconventional cars but I get it's not for everyone. (I'm only semi joking about Silverstone I know its another F1 double header track but in a saloon or something it's a good varied 2-3 min lap if you like the track)

SPS 13-07-20 01:17 PM

The Ginettas feel pretty good on most tracks

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