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Dicehunter 19-04-19 09:07 PM

Large but cheap tablet ?
Looking at getting a tablet purely for a few games I play that have companion apps, I'd love to get a tablet that is fairly large but I don't require one that has 16GB of ram, 1TB of storage or an 8 core chip, Just something basic that is responsive and has a large screen, Any recommendations are appreciated :)

tgrech 19-04-19 09:23 PM

Depends on how big and cheap but you can get 10.1" versions starting at about $70/50 for Chinese off-brand/white label devices if it's just for simple Android apps.

Seller off ebay 50 free postage: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-1-Tabl...lvOOsfypS_ackg

Gearbests range(Ships to anywhere but can take a while from these sites depending on warehouse):

Dicehunter 19-04-19 09:27 PM

Excellent thank you :)

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