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Sam_Adams 31-01-21 06:41 PM

AMD vs Nvida for use in AE, Blender, Inventor etc
Question for you guys that are experienced in programs like Aftereffects, Premiere Pro, Blender, Inventor, Zbrush, Unreal Engine etc

So got everything for my new rig here at the house, will be putting it together maybe next week. Everything new other than my old Radeon 6950 GPU that I will be using until the cards come back in stock and prices get back to normal, hopefully in a few months or however long it takes, I can wait and not going to overpay.

I have in the past used After effects quite a bit and have dabbled in the other programs and would like to get back into them. Many of these can utilize a GPU to help with the workload such as rendering and the like but I know not all cards are compatible with all the programs, For instance, Aftereffects can not use my old AMD card to help with rendering, the CPU has to do everything.

So for the next card I get, I would like it to be compatible with any of the above programs that can utilize the GPU to help with the workload.

So for those of you that use any of the above programs, do they work with newer AMD cards, or should I stick with an Nvidia card? I believe Nvidia cards were kind of the preferred card for these programs at least many years ago. I will be gaming but want to be able to take advantage of GPU performance in non-gaming programs as well.

WYP 31-01-21 06:47 PM

Puget systems, an SI in Athe US, does some good benchmarks for some professional workloads. Their data might be of use to you.


Nvidia has done a great job recently with their Studio drivers lately, which are optimised with these kinds of workloads in mind. They won't make Geforce cards as good as Quadro GPUs, but they will be useful for more consumer-oriented apps like the Abode creative suite, Davinci Resolve etc.

I'm sure those workloads will work with AMD, but I honestly don't know which would be better. I think Nvidia has the better focus on these workstation-ish workloads ATM. TBH, anything new will do a much better job than your old Radeon HD 6950.

Gothmoth 15-02-21 02:06 PM

i only use nvidia cards as some apps i use only support cuda.

i am not a nvidia fanboy.
they do a lot of shady stuff.. but for my kind of work (*) they are way better than AMD.

if i had the money i would use quadro cards in all my rigs.

(*) cad, cgi, video editing

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