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Inkie_Squid 04-04-14 11:15 AM

Antec 950 v's [anything else]
Howdy all,

Just a quickie, I was using an Antec h20 920 with Noctua fans to cool my old processor (Phenom II x4 965) and all was well for just over 2 years, but soon after changing to Intel 4770k the pump got noisy, a grating sound every startup.

Sent the cooler back to Antec but they returned a 950 as they didn't have any 920's left.

So that's the background... question is, do I sell on this 950 and get something like a h100 so I can carry on using the Noctua fans?

Is this cooler they sent me worth the hassle of having pump + fan in one unit?

The pc's in the living room so noise is a big issue and I have no idea how loud the 950 is.

The case is a Corsair Carbide 400r (so there's room for 2x140mm in the roof) if someone wants to suggest a better AIO cooler. I'm not quite ready to dip into full watercooling yet partly because of the expense but also my gfx cards are quite old and I would want to replace them before trying a full conversion to water.

Hmmm, longer OP than I expected but that's about it. Anything I left out, just ask.


Inkie_Squid 06-04-14 04:14 PM

Well, I've found one review so far that pretty much confirms that it's noisier and less effective that the old 920.


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