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holyfield 17-09-18 10:49 PM

Hello, first day in this community
Hi community, today is my first here, hugs to all admins and fellow users. This place is so deep and technical I can learn much from you all. :cool: I am soon to be 41 years old but feel 21. Can't wait until my first post, meanwhile I will just browse around and read others issues and successes with computing.

Thank you all for welcoming me with open arms. peace and happy OCing to you all.

Wraith 17-09-18 10:56 PM

Welcome to the OC3D forums.

Excalabur50 17-09-18 11:46 PM

G'day Welcome to the OC3D Family!

holyfield 17-09-18 11:57 PM

Thank you Wraith and Excalabur50 :) Oh and nice box Excalabur50 ! :)

Excalabur50 18-09-18 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by holyfield (Post 992620)
Thank you Wraith and Excalabur50 :) Oh and nice box Excalabur50 ! :)

You're Welcome and yeah thanks she runs sweet!

AlienALX 18-09-18 05:39 AM

Hi Holyfield. That time Iron Mike bit your ear off sucked.

holyfield 18-09-18 06:05 AM

LOL, AlienALX it sucked bad. But was entertaining. Must have hurt a lot! Tyson was the best ever at one point. Now I love Anthony Joshua, Can't wait for the Wilder match. :p

holyfield 18-09-18 06:17 AM

I have question. I quickly registered and threw out a wrong birthday. Is there a way that can be changed by a admin or something. I message earlier today but no response. Will they get to me eventually and change my birthday to the real date ? Thanks, its annoying I hate to lie.....

AlienALX 18-09-18 08:47 AM

I always give phony birth date details so don't sweat it :)

Sure one of the admin can sort it for you.

WYP 18-09-18 09:11 AM

Welcome to the forums.

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