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tinytomlogan 03-05-18 12:02 PM

Win AMD...... Stuff?
So this is just a bit of fun aimed at those that are willing to put the effort in here.

To enter you can pretty much do what ever you want.

All you have to do is start your enter post with ***ENTRY*** so that we can differentiate between entries and discussion posts but you can enter as many times as you like.

This is litterally a chance for you lot to have a laugh and take this competition where ever you like.

The more effort you guys make the more effort Ill make and this is the chance for all the regulars that moan about 1 posters to man up and make some effort!

Any registered forum member can enter, the ones that make the most effort / funniest post / those that stand out. Sob stories about 10 year old PC that can only run Solitaire wont get you anywhere.

Feel free to do what ever you like including taking the P out of me. That seems to ahve worked well in the past tbh. Derp faces, comics. Just have a laugh, it doesnt have to be a thread of why you want the box, it could just be something random or epic to catch everyones attention.

See Video here: https://www.facebook.com/tinytomloga...5249900849245/

*Some posts may require to be approved by mods before being visable in the thread*

Permafrost 03-05-18 12:33 PM

i'm not entering just wanted to share this.


unacomn 03-05-18 12:38 PM

Most people disregard boxes, but they deserve a second change at life. I've seen them being packed in sacks, or just thrown into a bin, plunged into recycling machines as if they were nothing more than pieces of cardboard. That's no way to go.
I can promise that I can give this box a good home. With me, it will live a long, happy and healthy life, always dust free, always clean, always at liberty to do what boxes do. I even have some friends it can meet. I run sort of a retirement community of boxes, where they can be themselves without fear of someone bending them or tearing them to pieces to fit something that wasn't meant into them. There are some boxes that have been here since 2006, like one of an Asus A8V motherboard, and a GeForce 6600LE video card.
Their content long gone, obsolete, but not the boxes. They box on and will continue to box until the world just can't be boxed anymore. And I promise, I PROMISE! To keep any bandana wearing mercenary soldier/spy types away from them. Their insane obsession with hiding in boxes and taking the poor defenseless things on the battlefield, to be shot or stepped on by giant robots is the seventh leading cause of box death in the world.
They'll be safe with me.

Dicehunter 03-05-18 12:42 PM

Confirmed, Tom is giving his box away.....giggidy..... :D

GitGudDandy 03-05-18 12:57 PM




Why do I want an AMD box?

Because I'm a big fat bloody Ryzen fantard.

I bought the 1800X for stuuuuupid amounts of money when it first launched and now i've dropped significantly less stupid amounts of money for a 2700X recently.

This means that wifey-sauce got the 1800X and 16GB of DDR4 to bring her spaceheater into the modern era, whilst her old FX rig has been donated to a mate so his 9 year old niece can do her homework and a bit of light gaming.




Anyway, makes a nice change because I've mostly been building Intel systems for the last few years. Nice to have some competition back in the market.

So why do I want this box?

I do some game streaming (hence the 8 core stuff, right, any excuse I know) and have been thinking about getting a webcam to stick my ugly mug in the corner somewhere. And having a big fat AMD box behind my head would be cool. At least I think so... Certainly cooler than staring at my godawful facial features.

Dats me. Dats who I iz when i'm streamin N stuff.

Laughing is encouraged. My wife does it all the time. No no, i'm sure she's laughing WITH me...

Paris 03-05-18 01:01 PM

***ENTRY*** (wink)
For for many centuries I have been creating a kingdom from the ground up, a great kingdom, a kingdom of boxes. However, I have been missing the crown jewel, the ultimate box.... I believe after many decades I have finally found the couronnement of my creation. The final piece to my puzzle. I can finally create and dedicate a shine to the pagan computer gods, specifically the red gods; may they be pleased with my dedication and your sacrifice.

Honestly I think it would be good fun though to have an AMD ryzen box even though I'm running a FX chip. I enjoy small ironies like that. (Sidenote: I once spent $60 on a corsair mousepad, even though I had a $20 mouse)

RizeAllard 03-05-18 01:02 PM

Nice giveaway! :) I always keep my hardware boxes just to have them on my selves, to display them. Usually I keep every accessories which not needed in ther original boxes so its easy to find if i need them later.

I would love to have one of those boxes because I could put my other spare parts like old HDD-s which are still work fine into them, and it would make some nice contrast on my self with mainly Intel stuff. I already built some rigs on AMD Ryzen but I could not have their boxes because those rigs were built for others.
So If I could get one of these boxes then it would be displayed in the middle to have a nice view on it :)

Good luck every one;)

Layer Cakes 03-05-18 01:13 PM

Really cool idea, can't think of any reasons why I'd need a Ryzen box though! :lol:

Would an i-tx board fit in the box?

superwazilla007 03-05-18 01:22 PM

Free amd box
not a bad giveaway and i love too keep all my hardware box but i would love too win a AMD box as it would look cool next too my intel box on the wall =00=

JensenTribe 03-05-18 01:23 PM

Old box broke, no reason to live


Daiyus 03-05-18 01:26 PM


I'd absolutely love one of those boxes for two reasons:

1) I've built four rigs in the last six years, three of them are AMD with my "main rig" being Ryzen powered. While I will always go where the power is for my budget I am a little AMD biased.

2) The look on my housemate/ex-wife's face when yet another tech box turns up in the house. She already gets annoyed at the fact that I keep all my hardware boxes as it is! I imagine it going something like this...


Wraith 03-05-18 01:27 PM

Give the boxes away!! get rid of them Tom better still, burn them, boxes are evil, cardboard cuts are the devils work.. I work in retail and my hands and forearms look like I've been fighting with Edward scissor hands on a daily basis.

EDIT: OMG JensenTribe! That's heart breaking, poor kitty needs a new box.

JensenTribe 03-05-18 01:31 PM

Heartbreaking isnt it ;)

hellboy99 03-05-18 01:43 PM


The things I co do with an AMD empty box, shove my Intel processor in it that may speed it up and make it more stable lol. I could put toiletries in it either, pencils, my 4 year old could put his Lego or our cat into it, I'd say my cat may like it he's nuts. At least if my cat plays with the box it won't be him sliding down my banister for a while :)


Honestly though, I just fancy getting an empty box in the post, sure beats the nonsense junk mail and endless Dominos menu I get.

Stoner81 03-05-18 03:14 PM

My turn :D

I would like to enter simply because I think the boxes look cool af! Plus I am hoping to really sort out my man cave this year or possibly the early part of next and they would would look the part in there (a nerds paradise pretty much :D)


PS - Thanks this weird yet awesome give away Tom!

Valsined 03-05-18 03:29 PM

A free box who doesn't wont free stuff. I want to see my customs officer too. Last time I ordered headphones online they called me and were like:
What is inside the package?
What kind of headphones?
Gaming headphones?
And it continued with what kind of material were they made of, was the plastic toxic, was the leather real. Maybe if I win a box they will call me again and ask what is inside the package and I will be like CPU Box filled with fine British air and maybe more stuff if the sender was in the mood .

Micload 03-05-18 03:30 PM

1 Attachment(s)

I wouldn't mind winning one of the boxes as having Ryzen on the side of the box would add a little something extra to this years fancy dress party something like this picture. I might even print out a mask if Tom doesn't mind.

AlienALX 03-05-18 05:08 PM

I would love to get into Tom's empty box.

Eddie long 03-05-18 05:11 PM

*** ENTRY ***
So is this Toms new way of recycling his box ,, give it to someone else to do :p

Dicehunter 03-05-18 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by AlienALX (Post 977860)
I would love to get into Tom's empty box.

Legend says that Toms box has a lot RAMmed into it........ :D

Eddie long 03-05-18 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by Dicehunter (Post 977862)
Legend says that Toms box has a lot RAMmed into it........ :D

Ah the legend of the mystical box lives on

Dark NighT 03-05-18 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by Dicehunter (Post 977862)
Legend says that Toms box has a lot RAMmed into it........ :D

So that's why he always jokes about "That's what she said"

tinytomlogan 03-05-18 05:39 PM


Originally Posted by Micload (Post 977853)

I wouldn't mind winning one of the boxes as having Ryzen on the side of the box would add a little something extra to this years fancy dress party something like this picture. I might even print out a mask if Tom doesn't mind.

You crack on - the more effort the better!

Tickaboon 03-05-18 06:12 PM


Because this happend.


MadShadow 03-05-18 07:50 PM


Just entering because I thought it'd be funny for Tom for take time out of his day to send me a box. Thanks


tiagojcp 04-05-18 02:34 AM


I like boxes! (watch the video if you dare)

Courierman 04-05-18 05:04 AM

3 Attachment(s)
get good insurance ,name your Box and what in it or its NOT covered
last year my home was hit by lightning :o and I lost 3 computers and 4 Ham Radios
total lost 10k
the lightning came in my house hit the water tank set fire to the loft and the water coming out of the tank put the fire out ,killed all the light bulbs ,my TV, router Phone and in the street 40 phones 10 TVs 20 routers
one computer was only 3 weeks old this one and I'M still crying over it
Case Corsair Obsidian Series 450D
Intel Core i7-7700K 5.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor
Corsair H100i V2
Asus ROG Strix Z270H Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4-3200 Memory
Samsung 960 Pro 512GB M.2
Toshiba 1TB 3.5 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Aero ITX 6GB
Asus ProArt PA238
Logitech G105 Wired Keyboard
Logitech Wired Optical Mouse
Corsair RMx 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4785/...75f30ea2_b.jpgM.2 by Kevin Duquemin, on Flickr

and I'm left with a GA-X58A-UD3R that was hit too and it lost the onboard sound and lan
so 2 new cards and its working, So hats off to Gigabyte for making some thing that lightning can't kill :D
and going to take me months to get the money to buy a new computer so all I can say dear reader is GET GOOD INSURANCE and read the small print and if you see lightning UNPLUG all your stuff not just turn it off

so it would be very nice if you pick me if not, I can always send the wife out to sort the insurance company out see pic think she will get me some money out of them
https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5339/...11c08da1_b.jpgIMG_33071 by Kevin Duquemin, on Flickr

RizeAllard 04-05-18 06:39 AM

I know this feeling :) When new hardware arrives in our office and then we need to get rid of the cardboards I usually have to make excuises for my girlfriend...:D

RobM 04-05-18 12:43 PM


True story
She who must be obeyed is replacing the garden shed with a potting shed so I need to move the contents into me garage. So I got a friend to help me take them all the empty boxes to the skip and there were loads. People were asking if I had won the lottery assuming I had just been buying stuff, but we have a tendency to keep boxes in case we need to RMA stuff I just forgot to get rid them after a year was up so they kinda built up.

Would be amusing to see her face if a box or so arrive at door and I can tell here I am replacing all the boxes :D

I would actually like a box to sit on my desk so not to large.

Verticality 04-05-18 04:15 PM


No violins, you say? Well, what about these?


All jokes aside, it'd be nice to get one of the boxes! No sob stories here. I'm a student that is looking to upgrade soon so that I can get off of my crappy Geforce 840M and game in my free time.

I'm new to the forum, but I've been following since I first took interest in computers back in 2016. No doubt, there are others more deserving out there than me. BUT BUT BUT, I spent way more time than I should have on that image so I hope it at least makes someone laugh XD

Glad to be part of the forum's community! :D

mArTyN 04-05-18 10:10 PM


I have had a good look around and realised that I actually don't own a cardboard box "BUMMER" !
So, yes it would be nice to actually own one. :):):)

TheHotz 05-05-18 08:43 AM


I don't know what to say about this ^^ Sadly I don't have the time to go through more (all) videos to collect all the Dings, but these are definitly my favourites ^^

I don't really need these boxes but I simply wanted to contribute to this :P

Verticality 05-05-18 05:19 PM

I had to change the link cos it didn't work, silly me!

Sypherian 05-05-18 10:15 PM


OI!!! you Logan Tiny Tom or whatever ya name is.

This is Sypherian's computer, I kinda hijacked the system to help me mate out.

My user has always loved using me, bashing me through Virtual machines, playing video games and watching videos on the internet. Now this changed drastically about 2 years ago.

First of all he got a job about 160 kilometers away so he drives for about 2 hours each way where he works as an consultant at a Wind turbine company, when he gets home he is knackered. So he rarely gets to properly sit and do what he loves which is to play games. Now I won't lie I'm a bit outdated I've seen how he drools over all the hardware that you show in your videos, but alas he can't afford to upgrade me and he spends quite a lot of money on keeping his car running.

I've even seen him being unfaithful with some good for nothing HP laptop that he drags home from work the nerve I tell you.

Secondly he has found this tart of a girlfriend, actually that is not quite fair she at least uses me from time to time, and she even encourages him to play on me. Actually he even had the audacity to call me an old piece of **** the other day, I'm appalled by that. I can't deny that I don't miss the late nights where he used to play until he could barely stand, I was always willing and able to perform at his every bidding. Even his friends are disappointed that he can't join them in the newest games and I see that it bothers him.

Please help a frustrated and aging system out. I need my user back desperately, I wanna see the joy in his eyes I wan't to be abused and capable of delivering the performance he needs.

Kind regards

A desperate System.


Contendo 05-05-18 10:45 PM

http://www.instagram.com/p/BhCppsoFb7m/C'mon, who wants to win an empty box even if it has some nice letters on it?
On the other hand if it was delivered, not by mail, but in a white 5.0 mustang that would be something epic!


chrismjurd 06-05-18 12:28 PM

*** Entry ***

Hi Tom, I would firstly like to say thank you for a opportunity to fulfil my dream of owning a box pillar, as a regular old soul, grandiose marble pillars are a touch out of reach, i think that this Ryzen/Amd box could give me the finishing touch of class that would be required to complete this necessary and really important to me life goal.

Secondly it would really pee the missus off, she cannot stand my obsession with the hardened paper of the brown variety and this may be the straw that breaks the camels back, I truly hope so.

TTL tech enthusiast, Critic, Reporter of news, driver of Cars, Rider of bikes, modder of mods! you could add Homewrecker to that list if things go my way.

Good luck to all


P.S. I work in retail so have plenty of box experience, of opening and closing boxes, would not need instructions for that, so you could also save some time.

P.P.S All my boxes live good lives, they are well cared for, no heavy, wet, oily items are stored in them, completly empty, and they are also flatpacked/repacked twice yearly, to keep there folds in good shape.

Addendum Whilst it would be really funny to photoshop your head inside a box a'la seven, but it is actually boxes holiday week in my house so they are all enjoying their trips around the country they get sent to and from various drop off points back to the house, some in Royal Mail, others the premium kind of delivery. Many of them have collected mail stamps from various countries around the EU.

I hope this shows how much love and respect i have for boxes.

thanks for the consideration. :)

Davva2004 08-05-18 10:02 PM

*** Entry ***


Let's try this reverse psychology bullsh!t.

Micload 10-05-18 06:35 AM

If there is no box what pill should I take?

RobM 10-05-18 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by Micload (Post 978320)
If there is no box what pill should I take?

The red one

System91 12-05-18 10:00 AM

Thank you very much for the giveaway.

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