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Daiyus 03-05-18 01:26 PM


I'd absolutely love one of those boxes for two reasons:

1) I've built four rigs in the last six years, three of them are AMD with my "main rig" being Ryzen powered. While I will always go where the power is for my budget I am a little AMD biased.

2) The look on my housemate/ex-wife's face when yet another tech box turns up in the house. She already gets annoyed at the fact that I keep all my hardware boxes as it is! I imagine it going something like this...


Wraith 03-05-18 01:27 PM

Give the boxes away!! get rid of them Tom better still, burn them, boxes are evil, cardboard cuts are the devils work.. I work in retail and my hands and forearms look like I've been fighting with Edward scissor hands on a daily basis.

EDIT: OMG JensenTribe! That's heart breaking, poor kitty needs a new box.

JensenTribe 03-05-18 01:31 PM

Heartbreaking isnt it ;)

hellboy99 03-05-18 01:43 PM


The things I co do with an AMD empty box, shove my Intel processor in it that may speed it up and make it more stable lol. I could put toiletries in it either, pencils, my 4 year old could put his Lego or our cat into it, I'd say my cat may like it he's nuts. At least if my cat plays with the box it won't be him sliding down my banister for a while :)


Honestly though, I just fancy getting an empty box in the post, sure beats the nonsense junk mail and endless Dominos menu I get.

Stoner81 03-05-18 03:14 PM

My turn :D

I would like to enter simply because I think the boxes look cool af! Plus I am hoping to really sort out my man cave this year or possibly the early part of next and they would would look the part in there (a nerds paradise pretty much :D)


PS - Thanks this weird yet awesome give away Tom!

Valsined 03-05-18 03:29 PM

A free box who doesn't wont free stuff. I want to see my customs officer too. Last time I ordered headphones online they called me and were like:
What is inside the package?
What kind of headphones?
Gaming headphones?
And it continued with what kind of material were they made of, was the plastic toxic, was the leather real. Maybe if I win a box they will call me again and ask what is inside the package and I will be like CPU Box filled with fine British air and maybe more stuff if the sender was in the mood .

Micload 03-05-18 03:30 PM

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I wouldn't mind winning one of the boxes as having Ryzen on the side of the box would add a little something extra to this years fancy dress party something like this picture. I might even print out a mask if Tom doesn't mind.

AlienALX 03-05-18 05:08 PM

I would love to get into Tom's empty box.

Eddie long 03-05-18 05:11 PM

*** ENTRY ***
So is this Toms new way of recycling his box ,, give it to someone else to do :p

Dicehunter 03-05-18 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by AlienALX (Post 977860)
I would love to get into Tom's empty box.

Legend says that Toms box has a lot RAMmed into it........ :D

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