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Daiyus 03-02-17 12:15 PM

Free Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Key [Potentially?]
So here's the thing; I've got this game activated on my Steam account but whilst I was scrolling through my Humble Bundle keys I noticed it was still blanked out with "click to redeem" on it.

Of course as it's already activated on my account (and I can't seem to find the key I used to do so) there may be a free copy of this game for the first person willing to try it.

Here's the code:


If it does work for you just reply here so more people don't waste time trying.

I wish you luck!

AlienALX 03-02-17 12:17 PM

Tried it (thanks) but it said already redeemed.

Daiyus 03-02-17 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by AlienALX (Post 935563)
Tried it (thanks) but it said already redeemed.

OK. Thanks for confirming. Apologies for getting your hopes up.

AlienALX 03-02-17 12:24 PM

haha I have completed it numerous times so no hopes dashed :)

Thanks for offering. Pretty sure I have the original on CD/DVD somewhere !

I remember going to Wal Mart and paying $60 for Jedi Knight (the Quake 2 based one).

Absolutely blew me away (even though it was basically Quake 2 with Star Wars graphics and sound :D )

Was in a metal tin too. I bet it would be worth something now. Sadly all of my tins and Amarays (that's the name for DVD cases) went in the trash. I bought a 200 disc binder and put everything in that with the inlays etc.

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