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Yeungster 23-11-18 09:51 PM

Corsair Hydro AM4 Retention Bracket
Hi - I'm not sure whether you are still producing or selling these?
I was sure you had some available earlier today in your Corsair store but it's showing as out of stock now.

Just ordered a new AM4 build and wanted to reuse one of my existing hydro coolers (H110i GTX or H100i v2) but neither have the correct bracket.

Any idea when these are back in stock in the UK Corsair store? None of the resellers you've listed have any left as they're marked as end of life.


AlienALX 23-11-18 09:54 PM

H110i looks like it has an Asetek pump.


In which case you need that.

Yeungster 23-11-18 10:00 PM

Thanks for the quick response.
Can you believe my luck? Went back on the Corsair website and it's listed as back in stock, so all sorted now :D

AlienALX 23-11-18 10:02 PM

No worries man. It should just be Asetek for both, so if you need another one then OCUK one I linked to should work :)

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