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WYP 17-01-17 05:37 PM

AMD releases their Radeon Software Crimson 17.1.1 driver
AMD has released their new Radeon Software ReLive 17.1.1 driver, which has specific game optimisations for Resident Evil 7.


Read more on AMD's Radeon Software Crimson 17.1.1 driver.

NeverBackDown 17-01-17 06:39 PM

Probably going to see a lot of drivers being released soon. With a lot of games coming out in these first three months(and some have betas on top of that). Hopefully they stay on there game:)

AngryGoldfish 17-01-17 08:24 PM

It was only two years ago that people said they would not buy AMD because of drivers. AMD have really turned things around. They now have parity with Nvidia. Some would argue they've surpassed them.

NeverBackDown 17-01-17 10:57 PM

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Just curious, but does anyone here know the difference between these two drivers?
What is the optional vs the minimal setup? One for new install and the other for updating an existing driver install?

AlienALX 18-01-17 12:30 AM

17.1 is optional. IE - it's not a critical update. That's a whole package though.

Minimal means just that. No bloat, no crap, just the driver and the CCC. So no recording, no RAPTR and so on.

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