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The11thSurvivor 23-06-16 02:54 PM

1080 Fan Or 1080 Hybrid
Gigabyte as released a hybrid model of there "Xtream Gaming" cards it is just the same as the triple fan version but due to the cooling with water its been proven on a founders card that you can get 2200mhz+ stable on but on this custom PCB will it get more or just the same people are going to think now ooo that will be nice for your FPS in 4K the answer is at this moment in time there is only a 2fps diffrence but your running the card at a cool 45-50c on full load so what do i do?

1. Going 4K at the end of the year currently have a standard 1080p 24in IPS screen
2. Do i get the hybrid and run nice and cool or shave the 100 premium and have higher temps (overclocking 85c throttling)




They are both clocked the same i believe.

what do you guys think is it worth it would it be more reliable? or is just a waste of money?



SeekaX 23-06-16 03:06 PM

In terms of reliability they'll probably not be all that different, it's heat damage vs pump failure really, neither of which happen all that often, however temps on the watercooled cards will be significantly better. I'd not pay 100 pounds extra though, i'm pretty sure you can get one of those DIY brackets and an AIO cooler for less.

tinytomlogan 23-06-16 03:25 PM

They dont throttle, thats all tosh they just dont boost at max rage unless they need to.

Temps wise you can easily up the fan speed with a manual profile if youre worried.

On water they will be happier but youll not get any extra massive perf. increase

The11thSurvivor 23-06-16 03:31 PM

I love the look of the hybrid it's very nice but evga are bringing one to the table also Msi so I guess there will be a crazy showdown with them so I'll have a wait and see if you get your hands on one Tom and see what you think vs a standard as you probably put it against a standard spec and aftermarket PCB card lets just wait and see if they really do a good job or if it's just a load of bum nuggets. But I'm very excited to go from a 7850 to a any 1080 so you can imagine my excitement 👍

tinytomlogan 23-06-16 03:33 PM

Im hoping Corsair hurry tF up and sort their plate too - HG1080 probs

The11thSurvivor 23-06-16 03:42 PM

Msi hybrid
I Hurd at computex they were shipping 2 weeks after there own 1080 hmmm and we're is it ???

Dawelio 23-06-16 04:20 PM

I don't get people who don't use either an . Or ,

Just writes the entire thing in one big continous text.

tolagarf 23-06-16 05:51 PM

I'm waiting for the EVGA GTX 1080 Hybrid which hasn't even been announced yet, at least not with specs and shipping dates. And it annoys the heck out of me, since my nephew is waiting and waiting and waiting to get my old GTX 970.

Although I do like Gigabytes also, if it's weren't for the weird colour scheme. I don't understand why they didn't make it more neutral.

The11thSurvivor 27-06-16 06:56 PM

i agree with you there its not that appealing

one question for all is there much difference with a founders edition to the after markets if there all hitting the same over clocks all it is what i can see is the look and its temps. For example the asus strix 1080 boost clock is 1900+ but yet you can overclock the FE version to 2000+ of course the temps will be higher but its still stable is it really just temps and looks this time or is there something else im missing here ???

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