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Grey_beard 03-11-14 08:44 PM

Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) - Corsair Gaming RGB SW/FW Updates
This is where you will find the latest CUE software version and firmware for all Corsair Gaming/Vengeance RGB gears. I'll include patch notes and change logs every time a new version is available. I will keep this CUE version as latest as possible.


Corsair Utility Engine 2.3.74

Release Date:


Grey_beard 10-01-15 12:08 AM

OP updated to version 1.3.91

Grey_beard 02-03-15 05:28 PM

The latest version of Corsair Utility Engine Software - Version 1.5.80

CUE 1.5.80 Software Quick Start Guide

Here are the patch notes:


CUE 1.5.80 introduces a new Standard Settings mode under the lighting tab. Standard Settings will allow for one click effects of the most popular types of lighting for our keyboards for instant customization. Users who prefer Advanced Settings can click on the button to revert back to the original lighting customization. For more information, please review the included Quick Start Guide (QSG) for CUE 1.5 release.

Graphical improvements to HID images between Assignments and Lighting tabs.

Graphical user interface for Performance tab on all Corsair RGB Mice has been improved.

Resolved Issues

Made improvements to profile import/export conversion for Advanced Lighting modes.

Lighting and Performance Tabs swapped for better organization.

Resolved certain runoff text issues with multiple languages.

Resolved memory consumption issue with device images preloaded in CUE.

Resolved an issue with Text action and delays.

QWERDF is now a predefined group for K95 RGB Keyboards (M2 Button).

Mice default DPI is now set to 1500 from 400.

Various other minor fixes within the software.

A quick start guide for Standard Mode is now updated and available in the same downloads area too.

Excalabur50 02-03-15 08:42 PM

Excellent Thanks Grey_beard

Grey_beard 24-04-15 11:23 PM

Heads up guys! We have just release the latest Corsair CUE - Version 1.5.108


v1.5.108 Patch Notes

Updated Release
Version 1.5.108
April 24, 2015

Release Notes
CUE 1.5.108 is the latest release for our RGB line of peripherals and contains a multitude of changes and enhancements.

16.8 Million Color Mode has been added to CUE. This option can be found under the Settings tab in Program. This mode also requires the latest firmware update to function. Please use FW 1.20 or newer.
Color wheel has been added to the color palette. Select a key and click on the wheel to add or edit a color.
Software now supports a new USB protocol to enhance performance.
Profiles and Modes when exported will now only contain active Actions and Lighting items assigned to a key or a group of keys.
Uninstalling CUE and deleting saved settings now deletes all CUE files including Action and Lighting items.

Resolved issues where users would experience issues with lighting and CUE interactivity with the new USB protocol. Please use firmware 1.20 and newer.
Resolved an issue with Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock keys.
Keyboard will no longer trigger repeats when set to BIOS mode.
Keyboard will now slow lighting patterns on systems with low available resources appropriately.
Resolved long boot delay on Intel X99 USB 2.0 ports.
Resolved other various minor issues.

Important Note:
If you have updated your keyboard to FW 1.20 or newer, software older than 1.5.108 will no longer be compatible. Please ensure you always have the latest software available when updating the firmware to prevent incompatibility. Firmware updates are done through the software itself under Settings -> Device -> Update Firmware.

Keyboard Connectivity:
Connecting via USB 3.0: Use one connector (the one with the keyboard icon) when connecting via USB 3.0
Connecting via USB 2.0: Use both connectors when using USB 2.0. Important Note: Plug in the connector with the two arrows icon first, and the connector with the keyboard icon second.

Grey_beard 24-04-15 11:27 PM

We have also made a separate statement to directly address the ongoing 16.8 Million color issue. Official statement can be found here;


Dawelio 24-04-15 11:34 PM

Nice one Grey_beard, highly appreciated! :)

Grey_beard 24-04-15 11:39 PM

I know many of our RBG KB users have been itching to get this version, so there it is... finally hehe

Looks good so far based on the feedback we got from other users. I hope it stays that way ;)

Dicehunter 25-04-15 10:25 AM

This is awesome, When I have some proper time off I shall have to have a good play around with the colours :)

Kudos to Corsair :)

Oh and any news as to the H110i GT's coming back into stock ?

Really want 1 to finish off my build, Already bought 4 x Corsair White LED 140mm SP fans in preparation ^_^

Grey_beard 27-04-15 07:54 AM

Be sure to provide your feedback guys with this new SW /FW, as we need to find out if those issues that we have been seeing since are still present, or anything that you guys can find that we need to address. The validation process for this version was already pretty extensive, but you guys' experience is what matters the most, so we'd like to know how it is working out for you guys.

We have resumed shipment and I'm already seeing the H110i GT cooler available again on some US online stores. UK stores should have them soon as well, as I have seen a good amount of inventory in our EU (NL) hub.

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