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B.T.C.S 23-04-14 12:10 PM

suspected overclock issue
I have encountered a problem with my system which i am unable to diagnose myself (or I'm missing the most obvious thing ever). Basically my system had been running smoothly for about 2 months by this point I thought I would begin to see what my overclocking potential would be like. I insured when ever the system loaded up and i began to run prime 95 that it would never allow it to go above 70-75 Celsius if it did i would turn off the pc and move the overclock down a bit (the fear of damaging any components). Then later that night after an hour or two fiddling with the overclock I was happy set up my profiles etc. And once I turned my pc off that night it would not boot the next morning. because of this I resorted to clearing the CMOS and tried again with no luck. I then moved to my 2nd bios on the board and still no luck. The computer would register i've hit the power button turn on for 2 seconds hear the fans moving then shut down. i then decided to take the motherboard and everything i needed out of the case and try a boot up then when ive dissembled it all and reassembled it (in case of any lose wires) the same response of turning on again and instant shut down).i then decided to try a different PSU , use the on board graphics, trying all the different possible combinations of locations for my 2 ram stick in each of my ram slots and then single stick. Then i went and removed HDD and SSD (don't why but i did't have any other ideas at the time) and replaced them with other ones i had around and yet again the same result. after repeating the process i came to the conclusion that it must be something on the motherboard/cpu/ram. I couldn't think of anything that could have affected the CPU/RAM except for the motherboard and the HDD led is recognizing the drives all of the LEDs on the system would light up EXCEPT FOR THE DEBUG LED. I have my system plugged into a surge protector as i have been burned by power spikes before.

Which leads me to believe to believe that it would be the BIOS any ideas from anyone ??

My system is/was a
i5 4670k
MSI Mpower sp
16gb corsair ram
HD7870 tahiti le XFX
corsair CX750
coolermaster seidon 120mm
120gb Samsung SSD
1TB Segate HDD
and recently applied noctua thermal paste (if that matters or not) (doubt it)

Currently using my 5 year old machine which struggles with almost everything..

Thank you to all who read this and provide any suggestions
And should i approach the retailer i bought it from as it is still under warranty

tinytomlogan 23-04-14 01:22 PM

I dont think anyone will be able to help you here matey, if the memory is fine its probably going to be either your motherboard.

During 'overclocking' you mention nothing about volts etc so if you HAD the vcore on auto you could have just killed that where the mobo would have had it running silly volts. The fact you have not mentioned any vcore or cpu frequency levels instantly rings alarm bells in my head.

B.T.C.S 24-04-14 10:49 AM

The actual overclock
I was running the CPU at 4.4ghz and i moved the voltage up to 1.25 to insure the stability during prime95

tinytomlogan 24-04-14 11:06 AM

Might just be a random mobo issue then dude :/

B.T.C.S 24-04-14 11:15 AM

Thank you for your opinion...I'll approach the retailer and see what they say... thank you

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