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britrb 12-08-12 06:42 AM

Any Ideas?
Hi all,
I have a really crappy tablet with a broken touch screen. The screen and the rest of the tablet works ok with a mouse, but it is not really economically viable for me to replace the touch screen bit.

Any ideas on what I could do with it? I'm sort of hoping I can use the monitor bit for an extra monitor on my PC, but I don't know how to do this. Is there a converter thingy from VGA/DVI to whatever the connection in on the back of the tablet screen?

Or is there a way I could hook it up as a temp/fan speed monitor on my case? I don't know how to do that either...

Or, could I hook it straight up to a cheapo camera (the one on the tablet), and have it as my "case window"? Still don't have a clue on how to do that either!!!

I have loads of stupid ideas, but no idea on how to make them work. :( Anyway, here's a pic of what I have...

This tablet is the worst kind of cheap, that I have ever had the misfortune of using! Fortunately it is easy to dismantle and stick back together again.

Thanks all,
Brian :)

youpla 12-08-12 07:58 AM

I like the idea to have it as a side "window" panel, hooked to a cam to show inside of the case... But i have no clue on how to do that! That would be awesome though... Good luck!

VengeanceUK 12-08-12 11:00 AM

what brand tablet is it?
what version android is it running?
might help diagnose what can be done with it

britrb 12-08-12 11:05 AM

Its a Zenithink cheapass bottom of the range. (Not sure which model - but it's slow, very slow!)

Not sure which version of Android either. Sorry :blush:

I'm also thinking more of the case "window" idea, but I have no idea what I'm doing there... I have managed to remove the tiny camera, and the monitor and ribbon cable, but I have no idea on how to connect them direct with a power source. would it need some kind of controller board?
Brian :)

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