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mrDMxtreme 12-01-12 11:02 PM

I just started using linux (want to learn more about it and get used to using the terminal and connecting and using my schools servers through ssh)

so i made a 50GB partition on my laptop's SSD and it works great, but the only problem i'm having is that its eating away at my battery life http://forum.overclock3d.net/images/...ticons/sad.gif

just simple text editing in class on windows 7 i can get anywhere from 7 to 8 hours on a charge, but when running fedora i get 2:30 to 3 hours on a charge..... Why is there such a big difference? I previously believed that most linux distros use less resources then windows (so i assumed better battery life, not worse).

any one know any tweaks i can try? or maybe a different distro that is better in battery life?

BaMb1N0 14-01-12 09:29 PM

usually background processes that use CPU time will make the laptop draw more power from the battery.

perhaps there's some power management features you have not found yet.

Rob_the_scot 14-01-12 10:19 PM

Look for fedoras power manager...but I suspect a its summit else thou you should get the same battery life as windows 7 some times longer since (depending on distro) linux is less demanding

On laptops I tend to use lxde versions such as ultimate 3.0 lite or gamers edition.

mrDMxtreme 15-01-12 07:09 PM

i've tried Fedora (gnome3), mint12(gome3), fedora(kde), i should try some other "lighter" distros, i'll report back with any info

BaMb1N0 15-01-12 08:42 PM

i run ubuntu 10.04 on my netbook. it works well but battery sure does not last as long as when i run windows....sadly.

mrDMxtreme 15-01-12 10:27 PM

i've been reading online and a lot of people claim that they get nearly the same battery life and some even say that they get better battery life :S ? but i can't really find out how (and it also seems there are a lot of people like me because i also saw other complaintes about battery life....) need to find someone with more linux experience and see if they can help me/shed some light on what i'm doing wrong.

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